Rationale of the Roadmap

The Mining and Degraded Areas Rehabilitation Research Center (MDARRRC) 2016-2022 roadmap is anchored on the ERDB’s mission to “provide appropriate technology and information through research, development and extension towards the enhanced productivity and sustainability of natural resources and protection of environment for the improvement of the quality of life of the Filipinos”.

Over the years, the Research Sector had been conducting ENR Research and Development (R & D) activities/programs and projects. However, efforts of the Research Sector through the years were hardly felt in the upland and coastal communities. Hence, this Framework emphasized the importance of action research and extension component as an end-point in research and development efforts where stakeholders are reached and encouraged to adopt and make full use of the results of technologies generated through time.

The implementation of the DENR Rationalization Plan finally paved the way for the clustering of Research Sectors in the regions. In Southern Mindanao region, Regions 11 and 12 were clustered to compose the Mining and Degraded Areas Rehabilitation Research Center (MDARRC) that will serve as knowledge center on mined-out and degraded areas rehabilitation initiatives in the country. Activities, programs and projects are more focused and geared towards sustainable development and inclusive growth, poverty alleviation and empowerment of the poor rural/upland and coastal communities, and the development, protection and conservation of environment and natural resources.

The seven-year roadmap of the MDARRC follow the Goal-Purpose-Output-Activities (GPOA) logical framework of the 2011-2016 Integrated ENR-RDE Framework under the General Plan of Action (GPA) of DENR and embraces the following sectors: forest and watersheds, protected areas and biodiversity, coastal and marine, mined-out areas and technology transfer and extension.

Taking off from the old ERDB-ERDS structure, the restructured system provides a specific direction towards attaining effectively and efficiently the Research Center’s goals and objectives.